The Waters 2487 Dual-Wavelength Absorbance Detector is a two-channel, tunable, UV/VIS detector (operating from 190 to 700nm) designed for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) applications characterized by a high optical throughput and sensitivity, reduced bandwidth, and overall increase in s/n ratio and linearity.

The Waters 1525 Binary HPLC pump achieves a reproducible binary gradient delivery with exceptional smooth concurrent-stream blending in addition to which both pumps combine the most important aspects of eluent delivery for HPLC : high precision, reliability, smooth eluent flow and high performance.

The system has a XBridge Shield RP18 column installed, thermostabilised at 37°C.

The Waters 717 Autosampler is an intelligent sample processing system that meets a wide variety of HPLC sampling requirements that can be used as a dependable, high-performance autosampler on any HPLC system in any lab (in this case, the Waters 1525 Binary HPLC pump)

717 Autosampler
1525 Binary HPLC pump
XBridge Shield RP18 column
2487 Dual-Wavelength Absorbance Detector
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