SpectraMax Plus384 Spectrophotometer


The SpectraMax Plus384 is a full range (190-1000nm tunable in 1nm increments) high throughput spectrophotometer composed of a built-in cuvette port and microplate (96- or 384-well microplates) drawer. The patented PathCheck® sensor in combination with the SoftMax® Pro software adjusts for the difference in optical pathlength in the microplate compared to the cuvette equivalent pathlength of 1 cm, hence providing a powerful tool for microplate analysis. The SpectraMax Plus384 can be used for a broad spectrum of applications such as DNA/RNA/protein quantification, colorimetric assays, ELISA/EIA, immunoassays, drug dissolution profiles, enzyme kinetics, kinetic turbidimetric methods, etc…

UV-VIS (190-1000nm) Reader
96-, 384-well Plates and Cuvettes
Endpoint Measurements
Kinetic Assays
Spectral Scans
Temperature regulation
Pathlength Correction
SoftMax® Pro Data Acquisition & Analysis Software
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