LM-UGent brings microbiology to primary schools

Thursday, 1 January, 2015 to Saturday, 31 January, 2015

In the context of “Wetenschap op stap” (translation: Science on the go, see http://www.vib.be/nl/educatie/wetenschapopstap/Paginas/default.aspx), Dr Kim Heylen paid two visits to the primary school De Letterdoos, Oostakker.

In the class room of Anne Fransaer, she gave an introduction to the diverse life forms that are not visible to the naked eye and showed that microbes are nothing to be scared us but rather that they help us in our daily lives (eg food production, treating waste water, food digestion in our got). The twelve-year olds also investigated the bacteria on different objects in their class room, investigated the bacteria and got convinced that microbes are everywhere.

The responses were very positives: “I thought it was going to be boring having a scientist in the class room but now want to learn more about bacteria”, “I thought science was boring until now”, “It was great, I want to do more experiments”.