BRIO. Banking Rhizosphere Micro-Organisms. European - Russian initiative to set up a network of rhizosphere microbiological resources centres

External promotor(s): 
Stephane Declerck
Marcel van der Heijden
Giovanna Cristina Varese
Lyudmilla I. Evtushenko
Irina Ivshina
Olga V. Turkovskaya

The objectives of BRIO are:

I. to organize cooperation between specialised collections containing beneficial micro-organisms isolated from the rhizosphere, 
II. to constitute a common wide-range pool of microbial diversity exploitable for research and industry: the Pan-European Rhizosphere resources Network (PERN).

Collaboration between culture collections having material from West-European ecosystems and Russian Biological Resources Centres having micro-organisms from East-European biotopes will create a coordinated network of combined collections offering a wide range of micro-organisms coming from a broad spectrum of ecological zones spread over an extensive geographical area to study and exploit. The network of combined collections will offer scientists facilitated access to geographically diverse microbiological material.

Run time: 
01/05/2011 to 20/04/2013
Coordinator Extern: 
Philippe Desmeth
Project titel (NL): 
BRIO. Bewaring van Rhizosfeer micro-organismes. Europees-Russisch initiatief tot het opzetten van een netwerk van rhizosfeer microbiologische middelen centra.
Project omschrijving (NL): 

Geen Nederlandse beschrijving.