Effect of preservation on the psychrophilic Pseudomonas microbiota in raw farm milk.


The project aims at studying the effect of cooling on the development of psychrotrophic pseudomonads in raw milk and also the relation between enzyme excretion by this psychrophilic microbiota, and the milk quality. A culture-independent detection method for the follow up and the detection of the psychroptrophic microbiota will be developed. The project also aims at refining the guidelines for preservation of milk during the collection and transport phase between the farm and the dairy factory in order to obtain the optimal conditions for milk preservation.

Run time: 
01/09/2007 to 31/08/2011
Coordinator Extern: 
M. Heyndrickx
Project titel (NL): 
Effect van bewaring op de koudeminnende Pseudomonaden microbiota in rauwe boerderijmelk.
Project omschrijving (NL): 

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