Mining of (micro)biological profiles: going beyond cluster analysis.

Staff Extern: 
Koen Janssens

The scientific objectives of this research project are to develop new methods for the detection of patterns and/or relationships within or between modern typing techniques, trying to converge the (biologically) most relevant information from each technique, while maintaining as long as possible an overall coherent view of the total, combined data content. In order to recover additional information from the combination of techniques, it will be important to filter out noise and unreliable data content. Finally, new data processing techniques for the separation of mixed profiles derived from microbial communities or populations, as generated by techniques such as e.g. DGGE, MALDI-TOF MS, and ESI MS will be designed and developed.

Run time: 
01/10/2009 to 30/09/2012
Project titel (NL): 
Opsporen van (micro-)biologische profielen: verder gaan dan clusteranalyse.
Project omschrijving (NL): 

Geen Nederlandse beschrijving.