Molecular dissection of integrons and gene cassettes involved in the evolution and distribution of multiple antimicrobial resistance genes in Gram-negative opportunistic bacteria.


Molecular ecological studies demonstrated that antimicrobial resistance is not confined to the nosocomial environment and that a range of aquatic and terrestrial niches and the bacteria therein, represent important reservoirs for resistance genes, which may be localized on mobile genetic elements. The project aims to detect and characterize class 1 integrons and associated gene cassettes as one of the potential mechanisms of environmental bacteria to contribute to the evolution and distribution of multiple antimicrobial resistance. The target bacteria are members of the genera Acinetobacter and Aeromonas.

Run time: 
01/10/2004 to 30/09/2007
Project titel (NL): 
Moleculaire dissectie van integronen en gencassettes betrokken bij de ontwikkeling en distributie van meerdere antimicrobiële resistentiegenen in Gram-negatieve opportunistische bacteriën.
Project omschrijving (NL): 

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