Top-down and bottom-up controls in benthic food webs and their importance for the dynamics and functioning of meiobenthos and bacteria.

External promotor(s): 
M. De Troch
R. Danovaro
Staff Extern: 
Tania Nara Bezerra

In this project processes structuring complex meiobenthic communities are studied, particularly, the role of the trophic (predator-prey) relationships and indirect interactions between species. Focus is on the role of predatory nematodes and copepods as possibly selective grazers of bacteria. The trophic position of the most abundant nematode and harpacticoïd copepod species in selected marine and estuarine sediments, particularly from the intertidal zone, will be studied using natural stable isotopes of C and N and taking into account seasonal fluctuations. Food composition and preferences will be determined to elucidate trophic cascades in benthic food webs and to assess the impact of feeding on production, species composition and diversity of prey communities.

Run time: 
01/01/2009 to 31/12/2012
Coordinator Extern: 
T. Moens
Project titel (NL): 
Top-down en bottom-up controles in benthische voedselwebben en hun belang voor de dynamiek en het functioneren van meiobenthos en bacteri├źn.
Project omschrijving (NL): 

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