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Classification and source tracking of psychrotrophic bacteria isolated from packed food products.

Prof. Dr. Geert Huys

(Bilateral collaboration in the frame of GOA project)

The aim of this project is to investigate cases of spoilage occurring on packed and stored under chilling temperatures food products, that show low microbial contamination according to the widely applied enumeration methods...

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Development and application of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for a fast identification of beer spoilers and brewery contaminants

Prof. Dr. Peter Vandamme

Beer is a beverage with high microbiological stability because it contains insufficient amounts of oxygen and nutrients for the growth of many microorganisms. Low pH, high CO2-content, the presence of alcohol and antibacterial hop compounds ensure microbial stability. Nevertheless, beer...

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Mining of (micro)biological profiles: going beyond cluster analysis.

Prof. Dr. Peter Vandamme Baekeland Fonds

The scientific objectives of this research project are to develop new methods for the detection of patterns and/or relationships within or between modern typing techniques, trying to converge the (biologically) most relevant information from each technique, while maintaining as long as...

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Isolation and identification of lactic acid bacteria from kefir ecosystems and characterization of their exopolysaccharides for application in functional foods

Prof. Dr. Peter Vandamme fwo, MINCyT

No description.

Control of biofilm formation in the production environment to garantee a longer shelf life.

Prof. Dr. Peter Vandamme Flander's FOOD

No description.

Biotic interactions across size classes as structuring factors for marine benthic ecoystem functioning.

Prof. Dr. Anne Willems FWO

This project is a collaboration with the Marine Biology research group (Biology Dept.) and will focus on marine coastal sediment foodwebs. We will investigate how functional biodiversity at the level of the larger, habitat-engineering macrobenthos will cascade into levels of biodiversity...

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Characterisation, ecology and epidemiology of plant pathogenic Pseudomonads of leaf crops.

Prof. Dr. Paul De Vos IWT

The project aims at understanding and developing a sustainable controling strategy of the pseudomonas infections on leaf crops. Therefore (i) causative agent will be isolated from vastly developed rib rot and characterised; (ii) infection sources of the bacterial pathogens will be traced...

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Molecular dissection of integrons and gene cassettes involved in the evolution and distribution of multiple antimicrobial resistance genes in Gram-negative opportunistic bacteria.

Prof. Dr. Peter Vandamme FWO

Molecular ecological studies demonstrated that antimicrobial resistance is not confined to the nosocomial environment and that a range of aquatic and terrestrial niches and the bacteria therein, represent important reservoirs for resistance genes, which may be localized on mobile genetic...

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Novel, mass spectrometric approaches to the high-throughput characterisation of food-grade microorganisms

Prof. Dr. Peter Vandamme BOF-UGent

No description.

Antarctic microbial biodiversity: the importance of geographical and ecological factors (AMBIO)

Prof. Dr. Anne Willems Belgian Science Policy Office

AMBIO will determine the microbial diversity, community composition and taxonomic turnover in permanently and seasonally wet habitats (lakes, cryoconites and seepages) across Antarctica, and assess the relative importance of ecological versus historical factors in explaining the...

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