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Roadmap towards a prokaryotic genomic taxonomy

Prof. Dr. Paul De Vos FWO

Basic questions on bacterial genome organization and evolution could not be addressed before the complete sequencing of two bacterial genomes. Today’s opportunities from the large number of available genomes reach much further and puts comparative genomics central in deducing patterns in...

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Diagnosis and epidemiology of Burkholderia pseudomallei infections

Prof. Dr. Peter Vandamme ITM

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Yersinia enterocolitica detection in foods

Prof. Dr. Kurt Houf Joint PhD - University of Napels

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Development of a new diagnostic tool using DNA barcoding to identify quarantine organisms in support of plant health.

Prof. Dr. Paul De Vos EC-7FP-QBOL

The project “Phylogenetic study and identification of plant pathogenic clavibacters” is part of “QBOL-Quarantine Barcoding of Life” which is a European project that makes collections harboring plantpathogenic quarantine organisms available. The QBOL - consortium of 20 partners (...

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Endosymbiotic bacteria in coenocytic green algae - exploration of a partnership.

Prof. Dr. Anne Willems FWO

Endosymbiotic bacteria are reported to be of common occurrence in coenocytic green algae and may be associated with various metabolic functions. In Bryopsis bacteria are present at every stage of development including the gametes, indicating that the endosymbionts are vertically...

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State-of-the-art techniques for the study of microbial biodiversity patterns in East Antarctica.

Prof. Dr. Anne Willems BOF-UGent

Two state-of-the-art methods for the study of microbial communities will be implemented for use on Antarctic environmental samples: Automated Ribosomal Spacer Analysis (ARISA) and parallel-tagged pyrosequencing of ribosomal RNA genes. ARISA permits a thorough comparison of the microbial...

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Identification of Dickeya spp. in potato seedlings

Prof. Dr. Paul De Vos FOD Volksgezondheid

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The emerging pathogen Arcobacter in humans

Prof. Dr. Kurt Houf

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Development of fingerprints as barcodes for industrial microbial populations

Prof. Dr. Peter Vandamme

The projects aims to develop a mass-spectrometric fingerprint for a mixed microbial population which allow real-time microbiological assessment of the fermented product, but also of the production process. Aquakefir, a simple fermented beverage produced by 'kefir grains' upon...

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European Consortium of Microbial Resource Centers (EMbaRC).

Prof. Dr. Paul De Vos EU-FP7

EMbaRC ( brings together key microbial resource centers in Europe to improve, coordinate and validate microbial resource delivery to European and International researchers from both...

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