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Study of the dominant colon microbiota with cystic fibrosis patients.

Prof. Dr. Peter Vandamme, Prof. Dr. Geert Huys BOF-UGent

This study aims to characterize the predominant members of the intestinal flora of a group of cystic fibrosis patients and to compare these with the microbiota of siblings without the cystic fibrosis phenotype. The effect of frequent and combined antibiotic use on the develoment of...

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Isolation of facultative, multifunctional methane oxidizing bacteria for industrial biotechnology.

Prof. Dr. Paul De Vos IWT

This projects aims to develop an innovative methodology for selective enrichment of facultative, multifunctional methanotrophs. Obtained MOB will be further implemented in a lab-scale set-up whereby bioremediation, reduction of methane emission and production of secondary metabolites will be...

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MALDI-TOF MS identification and characterization of microbiome on food

Prof. Dr. Kurt Houf, Prof. Dr. Peter Vandamme

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VALORizing Andean Microbial Diversity through sustainable intensification of potato-based farming systems (VALORAM)

Prof. Dr. Paul De Vos EC-FP7: VALORAM

The objectives of this project meet the call goals of exploring and valorizing Andean soil microbial diversity for the development of alternative eco-efficient technologies and crop management knowledge in order to improve the sustainability and productivity of Andean cropping systems...

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Genomic detection of selected Bacillus s.l. representatives during gelatine production.

Prof. Dr. Paul De Vos IWT

Bacteria attributed to Bacillus and related genera contaminate and survive gelatine production processes and hereby negatively affect the quality and safety of the end product. This project aims at optimizing and extending a real-time PCR detection method for the most worrisome...

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State-of-the-art techniques for the study of microbial biodiversity patterns in East Antarctica.

Prof. Dr. Anne Willems BOF-UGent

Two state-of-the-art methods for the study of microbial communities will be implemented for use on Antarctic environmental samples: Automated Ribosomal Spacer Analysis (ARISA) and parallel-tagged pyrosequencing of ribosomal RNA genes. ARISA permits a thorough comparison of the microbial...

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Microbial resource research infrastructure (MIRRI)

Dr. Ann Hellemans Prof. Dr. Paul De Vos EU-FP7

The Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure (MIRRI) will integrate the main European microbial resource centers, their supporting services and data into a novel pan-European coordinated microbial Research Infrastructure. This will facilitate access to high quality microorganisms, their...

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Development of public collections of diatoms, polar cyanobacteria, and mycobacteria in Belgium.

Prof. Dr. Paul De Vos Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid

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Mining the parvome of Burkholderia bacteria for novel anti-infective compounds

Prof. Dr. Peter Vandamme Prof. Dr. Peter Vandamme FWO

 The present research project will explore the group of Burkholderia bacteria as a potential source of new antimicrobial compounds. The advantage of this approach is the dual focus on both antibacterial and anti-quorum sensing...

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BCCM/LMG Bacteria collection

Prof. Dr. Peter Vandamme Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid

The BCCM/LMG bacteria collection aims at preserving and distributing bacterial strains amongst which type and reference strains. The culture collection functions under the ISO 9001 quality label and complies with the Budapest Treaty for Patent strains and safety deposits. The research...

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